Career paths

Possible career paths

PhD holders can pursue a great diversity of careers. All sectors of today’s world are faced with numerous challenges demanding innovative approaches to invent, explore and develop. Thanks to their rich research experience, doctorate holders have the capacity to tackle complex problems, confront uncertainty, interact with numerous stakeholders presenting diverse needs and expectations, work within ever-evolving environments, etc. 
Their unique skills and expertise make PhD holders highly qualified professionals capable of disseminating proper research, innovation and knowledge-transmission practices throughout the socio-economic fabric, both in France and abroad, in the public, private and non-profit sectors, from start-ups to multinational firms, public institutions to international NGOs. 
While the range of possibilities is thus extremely broad, the pursuit of a post-doctoral career nevertheless presents pitfalls. The first key to success consists in a well-thought-out professional project, based upon a thorough understanding of the targeted job market(s). 
Possible post-doctoral paths 

  • Post-doctoral academic research 
  • Research engineer 
  • Teaching
  • Creating a company


Contenu annexe: 

The Monitoring Centre

The Monitoring Centre (of the former UBL) continues carries out yearly surveys to monitor the career paths of PhD holders 1 and 3 years following their thesis defence

Surveys of ED SPI PhD holders 1 year after the thesis defence




Surveys of ED SPI PhD holders 3 years after the thesis defence