ED SPI Seminar

Planning of presentations 2022

This mandatory event gives doctoral students the opportunity to present in front of a jury and an audience not necessarily specialized in the field of research (other doctoral students, researchers and teacher-researchers of the units), the context, the state of progress and the perspectives of the research subject.

Each year, more than a hundred presentations contribute to the success of this meeting.

Attending these days is strongly recommended for all other doctoral students and in particular first year students, who have the opportunity to learn about the different thematic areas covered by the ED and to stimulate their scientific curiosity and their openness to mind.

This compulsory day gives the opportunity to present to an audience not necessarily specialist in the field of research (other PhD students, Researchers and Teachers - Laboratory researchers, etc.), the context, state of progress and perspectives of the subject of research.

The seminar is not intended to replace your annual CSI which you will also have to schedule

participation in this day is highly desirable for all other doctoral students and in particular those in the first year, who will have the opportunity to open up to the various fields covered by the Doctoral School.


Before the event a summary (in French or English), limited to 3500 characters, is submitted online

Each intervention, in French or in English, is planned for a 25 minute exchange :

15 minutes to present successively:

  •     general context of the preparation of the thesis (location, funding, etc.)
  •     the presentation of the problem and the methods used,
  •     a slide, at least, of bibliography with references from your lab and outside
  •     the presentation and analysis of the results already obtained,
  •     scientific production completed and to come,
  •     the current balance sheet compared to the objectives set,
  •     any problems encountered,
  •     current and future promotion of thesis work, scientific production (publications and communications)
  •     the definition of the professional project;

10 minutes for discussions between PhD students and members of the “jury”.

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Collection of 2021 summaries available here

Collection of 2021 summaries available here

If you are concerned by the 2022 seminar, you can now enter your summary on the "dedicated web page"