Individual Monitoring Committees

Individual Monitoring Committee (CSI) reports must be signed and returned to the site administrators: 



Le Mans:




The Individual Monitoring Committee oversees the PhD student’s proper pursuit of his/her doctoral training, by relying notably upon the Doctoral Charter and the doctoral training agreement. The committee can be requested to meet by the PhD student or his/her Thesis Supervisor(s) at any time during the thesis. 

At least once yearly, the committee meets with the PhD student, who presents an activity report. During this meeting, the committee assesses the student’s training conditions and the research progress made. It then proposes recommendations and furnishes a “reregistration recommendation” to the Doctoral School Director, the PhD student and the Thesis Supervisor(s). 

It also acts against any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment. The committee comprises at least two persons not involved in the thesis and not belonging to the Thesis Supervisor’s research team, with at least one person from outside the registration institution; these persons must be named at the time of registration by the Doctoral School Director, upon the concerted recommendation of both the Director(s) of the Research Unit and the Thesis Supervisor(s).

The CSI pdf or word form is to be filled out before and during the meeting. 

A one-to-one interview pdf or word form between the doctoral student and the committee is also available

A one-to-one interview pdf or word  form between management and the committee is available.

CSI dispensations: 

  • PhD students registered after 1 January 2022 are exempted from the 2022 CSI.

Focus on: 
The Individual Monitoring Committee (CSI) meeting, in practice

  • Step 1: The PhD student drafts a report on the progress of his/her thesis work and sends it to the CSI members. 
  • Step 2: The PhD student and his/her supervisors organize an evaluation meeting (either face-to-face or via videoconference) with the CSI members. 
  • Step 3: The evaluation meeting, step-by-step: 
    • The PhD student presents his/her thesis work to the CSI members and his/her supervisors.
    • A scientific discussion is held (with all members present).
    • The PhD student meets individually with the CSI (supervisors excluded).
    • The student’s supervisors meet individually with the CSI (student excluded). 
  • Step 4: The CSI fills out the evaluation report, makes recommendations and draws up a detailed reregistration recommendation, which it then transmits to both the PhD student and his/her Thesis Supervisor. The CSI report must be signed by all CSI members, even for a meeting held via videoconference.

Finally, the Thesis Supervisor sends the CSI report to the doctoral school, after its signature by the Research Unit Director and the Site Assistant Director (for Nantes, the report can also be signed by the Doctoral School Director).


Contenu annexe: 

In preparation for 2022-2023 administrative enrollment, ISC reports must be returned completed and signed by July 1, 2022.

Procedure for interviewing with the Individual Monitoring Committee

    Step 1: The doctoral student writes a progress report and sends it to the ISC members with the pre-filled form.
    Step 2: The doctoral student and his/her supervisor organize an evaluation meeting, in person or by videoconference, with the ISC members.
    Step 3: The evaluation meeting:

    The PhD student presents his/her work in front of the ISC members and his/her supervisors,
    A scientific discussion is organized (all members are present),
    The doctoral student meets alone with the ISC members,
    The thesis directors meet alone with the ISC members.

    Step 4: The ISC completes the evaluation report, makes recommendations and writes a detailed opinion on the re-registration which is sent to the doctoral student and the thesis director. The report must be signed by the members of the ISC, even if the interview is conducted by videoconference.

The report is sent to the ED by the thesis director after being completed by the unit director and the deputy site director (for Nantes, it can also be signed at this level by the ED director).