New Mobility Campaign

The international mobility programme financed by the Brittany Region and operated by the Ecole des Docteurs is renewed in 2022.
As in 2021, this programme will result in 2 campaigns:
- Campaign n°1: funded by the Brittany Region, for mobilities between March and December 2022. Only doctoral students registered in an institution located in Brittany are eligible for this call.
- Campaign n°2: financed by the Brittany Region (leftovers from campaign n°1) and by Rennes Métropole, for mobilities between July and December 2022.
Here is the timetable for campaign n°1:
- Application phase: from 1 November to 12 December (inclusive), online only:
- Deadline for transmission of selection results by the ED juries: 21/01/2022
- Deadline for notification of the results to the candidates by the doctoral school (and to the registration institutions): 31/01/2022

 If you have any questions about this campaign, the École des Docteurs is at your disposal (

Lieux de l'évènement: 
For PhD students of Région Bretagne only
Lien URL de l'évènement:
Dates de l'évènement: 
Wednesday, 17 November 2021 to Sunday, 12 December 2021