Recruitment for the 2022 campaign of the CDE (Contrats Doctoraux d'Établissement

The subjects are submitted by the project leaders (thesis directors or other members of the supervisory team). The deadline for submission of topics is midnight on March 27, 2022.



  •     Subjects and recruitment

The procedure set up by the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences takes into account the schedules and requirements of the funding bodies.

As soon as the procedure is opened, the project leaders enter their thesis proposal on the Theses Bretagne Loire server:

As soon as the subject is validated by the ED SPI, the subject is then accessible to online applications.

The financing of the thesis can be displayed if it is acquired or partially acquired. Some funding may be granted at the ED council meeting which will take place at the beginning of June 2022.


  •     Applications

Applications must be submitted on the page dedicated to the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences on the TEBL server in the space "apply for a subject".

Please note that the deadline for submitting applications online is midnight on April 24, 2022. No application can be registered after this date.

No additional time will be granted.

Applications submitted by any other means will not be considered by the committees. The online application on TEBL is mandatory.


  •     Composition of the application file

The application file must be a single document in pdf format,

The application must include the following documents

    - a CV

    - a cover letter showing motivations and the professional project

    - Transcripts of grades from Bac+3 to Bac+5 or equivalent (for the results of the Master's degree or equivalent, attach the documents in your possession. It will be possible to complete the file with the final results if you are invited to the auditions.

The file may be completed with any document deemed necessary to enhance the file.

Please note that ZIP files are not accepted.


The calendar of the campaign is as follows:

  • The deadline for application on CDE subjects is midnight on April 24, 2022
  • On April 24, 2022 at the latest, the unit directors will send their ranking of the subjects as well as a calendar of the dates of the hearings to the ED SPI management.
  • From April 25, 2022 and before May 7, 2022, the thesis directors will be invited to rank the files received and to propose a list of candidates to be auditioned.
  • The auditions will take place from May 16 to 31, 2022.
  • On June 1, 2022 at the latest, the Unit directors will send a final ranking of the candidates and subjects to the Doctoral School management.
  • Between June 7 and 10, 2022, the Doctoral School Council will meet to allocate the CDE. A waiting list will be established. A notification to the institutions and to the selected candidates will be made after this meeting by the EDSPI management.
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Online applications TEBL
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Friday, 25 February 2022 to Sunday, 24 April 2022