Site doctoral centres

Their missions cover: 

  • The coordinated management and implementation of the cross-disciplinary doctoral training at each of the 6 geographic sites (Angers, Brest, Le Mans, Lorient/Vannes, Nantes, Rennes) with the doctoral schools and the Doctorate School.
  • Serving as a direct link between PhD students, supervisors, research units/teams and institutions, in collaboration with the Doctorate School.
  • Organizing an annual information meeting at the beginning of the academic year and organizing cross-disciplinary “science days” and forums (thesis awards, presentation awards, etc.), in collaboration with the site’s doctoral schools.
  • Ensuring the local administrative monitoring of PhD students and PhD holders.
  • Promoting – in collaboration with the Doctorate School and the doctoral schools – the skills and expertise of PhD students and PhD holders within various socio-economic sectors and among local professional-insertion bodies. 

Depending on the site, additional missions can also be entrusted by the research departments of certain institutions (complementary missions, requests for mobility proposals, etc.). The Site Doctoral Centres rely on the IT management tool dedicated to Université Bretagne Loire’s doctoral training to ensure the administrative monitoring of each site’s PhD students and PhD holders.


Direction of your doctoral centre

Angers Site Doctoral Centre
Emmanuelle Geslin


Brest Site Doctoral Centre
Dimitris Visvikis 


Le Mans Site Doctoral Centre
Christophe Legein


Lorient/Vannes Site Doctoral Centre
Nathalie Bourgougnon


Nantes Site Doctoral Centre
Corinne Miral


Rennes Site Doctoral Centre
Pierre-Henry Frangne

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The Site Doctoral Centres gather together the institutions providing doctoral training at each major geographic site :