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From Lunam to Amethis

All your courses will be transferred automatically from Lunam to Amethis. This will be done by the team working on the software (with whom we are in contact) and not by doctoral schools.

Doctoral schools still have access to Lunam and a view on the courses taken by each PhD student.



For any questions relating to the disciplinary training offer, you can contact your Doctoral School : Sciences for the engineer
The ED SPI board adopted on September 20, 2018 the rules and procedures for training.

The Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences offers several types of training which aim to deepen the training of the doctoral student and prepare him for his career pursuit after the thesis.

Doctoral students must undergo at least 100 hours of training during the preparation of the thesis. These 100 hours are to be divided between scientific training (40 hours) and transversal training (60 hours). This distribution can be modulated to pass to 50 hours of scientific training and 50 hours of transversal training.

The doctoral school offers several types of training courses designed to deepen PhD students’ training and to help them prepare for their post-doctoral career. PhD students must take at least 100 hours of training courses during their thesis preparation. 

Field-specific training courses

Disciplinary training courses are organized by the doctoral school. These courses provide scientific instruction within the student’s research specialization. All students need do is register in the “AMETHIS” application.
Follow this link to consult the catalogue of disciplinary training courses. 

These are “outward-looking” courses in management, ethics, preparing one’s professional career, etc. 

Cross-disciplinary training courses

Cross-disciplinary training courses are offered by both the Doctorate School and the Site Doctoral Centres. Consult the  "AMETHIS" websites for the up-to-date training course offer.

Summer Schools for Research in France

Held during the university holidays, these yearly summer schools provide researchers with a welcome breath of fresh air. Open to Master’s, doctoral and post-doc students.

Consult Campus France website

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Scientific training catalog


How to connect to Amethis tutorial →here



Schedule of training sessions →here


Non-catalog training (Table of equivalences, rules and procedures for training) →here


Transversal training

The catalog of additional training offered by the Doctors School or by the site doctoral colleges can be viewed online. These are open training courses: management, ethics, preparation for the pursuit of a career ...
the 6 Colleges / Doctoral Poles in coordination with the Doctoral School are developing a complementary cross-sectional training offer organized on their site near doctoral students.
The Colleges / Doctoral Poles are distributed by site over the whole of Brittany and the Loire region: Angers, Brest, Le Mans, Lorient-Vannes, Nantes, Rennes.
For any questions relating to additional training, you can contact your College / Doctoral Center:
• Nantes:
• Rennes:
• Angers:
• Le Mans:
• Brest:
• Vannes / Lorient: